November 10, 2013

Guest Reviewer *Sabrina*: The Rancher's Virgin Acquisition by Lynda Chance

The Rancher's Virgin Acquisition by Lynda Chance 
Sabrina's Raiting: 1 of 5 stars

When the stagecoach that is carrying Emma Martin to her new job in Denver is attacked and robbed in the wilds of Colorado, she is the only survivor. Alone and terrified, she is rescued by Luke Butler, a rancher who knows only one way. His way.

When Luke Butler finds Emma Martin, he has no other choice but to bring her back to his ranch. Soon, his life is turned upside down by a female who doesn’t know how to mind and who doesn’t know how to stay put.

The battle that follows is a clash of wills, a test of tempers, and a lesson in love.

At some point I wonder why do I read these books. I guess I could say that I'm a romantic, and I like to read on occasion small little stories with happy ever afters. Sometimes you get what you want, and like the song, sometimes you just don't.

This was the case here.

Let me just start with the name "The Rancher's Virgin Acquisition". Two things should have ringed an alarm here: the virgin part, I don't know why it has to be mentioned in the title, it's a little weird. You never read something like "The Rancher's Promiscuous Acquisition", right? I don't know why they do this.
And secondly, the word "Acquisition". Yep, we're talking about a person, pretty obvious a girl is no ones acquisition. But I thought "nah, it must be representing a metaphor or something", but then you start reading the book and it all just makes sense.

Nothing really new here, Luke is an abusive prick who needs an ass kicking. All the time he's trying to force the heroine to do his will, and the heroine is just pitiful, you feel sorry for her and annoyed at some point.

Let me just quote, because I just wouldn't be able to make this up:

"He slowly released her hair, and moved his hands to grip
her forearms in a tight hold. His face was within inches of
hers and she was so close to him she could see his nostrils
"You better listen and you better listen good. This is my
ranch. When you're on my ranch, you do as I say. No
questions asked, no explanation given. I don't have to
explain shit to you, or anybody else, got that?" He spoke
viciously, and she felt tormented that he had this much
anger for her.
She nodded her head, ready to agree with whatever he
said to end this lesson in male dominance.
But he wasn't finished and continued berating her. "I'm not
just trying to be a mean son of a bitch, Emma. I don't have
to try. I am a mean son of a bitch. You need to get it through
that thick head of yours that this ranch is thousands and
thousands of acres of rough terrain. There's no law out here
except for me and my gun, and there's danger al around

Ok. Considering the fact that he clearly has issues, this is a terrible pairing because the only possibility anything could work with this guy is a woman that puts him in his place, constantly. And even then why would anyone want this guy as a protagonist of anything?

This was just awful, I don't know in what other way to say this, that so many other's have been saying for a long time: abusive men are not attractive.

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